Saturday, 2 September 2017

Jesus & Mary sisters visited St. Xavier's school, Umru-Siddhpur. Kids were glad to meet them.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Umru-Siddhpur updates

Solemn feast of Christ the King in Siddhpur parish

Christ the King feast began with Eucharistic procession in Siddhpur parish on 20th November 2016. As the procession reached the Church Deacon Dominic Savio administered the Benediction to all. During the Solemn Eucharist presided over by Fr. Xavier James, Deacon Dominic Savio preached on the Kingship of Jesus. It was indeed a joyful celebration with receiving Advent cum Christmas friend for whom each one will pray during forth coming advent. (22/11/2016)   

Felicitation of Fr. Kingslin in Siddhpur parish

On the First Sunday of Advent 27th November 2016, Fr. Kingslin presided over his first mass in Siddhpur parish. Frs, Prabu and Xavier concelebrated while Deacon Dominic Savio assisted the Eucharist. In his homily Fr. Kingslin suggested all present to open 'Jesus Account' which will illustrate the good work one will do everyday. After the mass he was felicitated by Mr. Shaji. Then Advent wreath ceremony took place where in all sang carols while Naveen, Priya, Samlin and Savion lighted the first Advent candle. Thus all were glad to prepare themselves for Christmas. (Xavier James)

Renewal of marriage vows in Siddhpur parish

18th December 2016 was a special day for the families in Siddhpur parish. Six couples came with special costumes in order to renew their marital vows for better Christmas celebration. After the homily each couple came before the priest and in front of the homely congregation to renew their vows and bless and wear their wedding rings in a solemn manner. Thereafter they honoured each other with useful towels. Each family was given a copy of ‘Amoris Laetitia’ The Joy of Love, the papal document on Family. Fr. Xavier James explained the document prior to that. After the Eucharist and lighting of advent wreath all joined and cut cake and fed each other. Thus it was a joyous occasion for each domestic church in Siddhpur parish. (18/12/2016)

Christmas celebrations in Siddhpur parish

On 20th December 2016, A group of Siddhpur parishioners with carols and Santa went around Siddhpur town singing and giving sweets at the homes of Catholics, Protestants and Hindus and giving the message of the birth of our Lord Jesus. It was a joy that all the families were involved in it and huge children band gathered each home. On 24th at 11 pm, people gathered for confessions and to begin the midnight mass of the Nativity of our Lord. Along with the Catholic faithful few Protestant and Hindu brothers and sisters had gathered for the Eucharist. At the beginning of the mass all participated in lighting of the lamp and during the offertory all brought forth lighted candles and said a short prayer and left them before the altar. Fr. Xavier James had explained Significance of Christmas to them. After the mass, all gathered for cake and coffee. The Hindus expressed that for the first time they have taken part in the Eucharist and they were so glad to be part of it.

On 25th noon all the parishioners and well wishers had gathered for a festive lunch and games for the children and couples. The parish honoured the well wishers and the Post Master of the village. At 3 pm, parents of St. Xavier’s School along with their kids gathered for the Christmas celebration. Many people and children from Umru village had gathered for the same. After Carols singing and Christmas message, the Santa gave sweets and gifts for everyone. Thereafter each one was given refreshments and they all left with joyful memory. Christmas mood and look was brought by the decoration, illumination, Christmas Stars, Crib and tree which were prepared by the parishioners along with brothers Packiaraj and Stephen who came to the parish for their Christmas ministry. (26/12/2016)

Silver Jubilee of Joy Thomas & Mary Joy

On 9th July 2017, Joy Thomas & Mary Joy celebrated their 25 years of married life together at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Umru-Siddhpur. This year the parish concentrates on family life and so it is an added reason to celebrate the silver jubilee of the marriage of Joy sir and Mary chechi who are very dear to all the parishioners of Siddhpur. They are very simple, humble, prayerful, service minded and God fearing couple. They have brought many people to Christ by their life witness. They have been helping and praying for this new parish from the very beginning. It was indeed a joy to celebrate this grand day with concelebrated Holy Eucharist followed by felicitation and festive lunch. May God bless each and every family of our Archdiocese. Thank you dear families it is because of your inspiration we are joyful priests. (09/07/2017)

Bible Sunday in Siddhpur parish

Gandhinagar Archdiocesan Bible Sunday was celebrated at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Umru-Siddhpur on 20th August 2017. The Sacred Scripture, the Bible was exposed and venerated in front of the Altar. After the usual Eucharistic Adoration & Holy Eucharist, all the families came prepared to participate in the Gospel Quiz competition held from Gospel according to St. Mark. All the parishioners participated with much enthusiasm. At the end, every family was given a copy of New Testament as a prize for their preparation and participation. May the Lord help all to have passion for reading, reflecting and imbibing the Word of God. (Xavier James)

St. Xavier's school updates from Umru-Siddhpur

Independence Day celebration

On 15th August 2016, the parents, students, staff with other guests gathered in front of the School building at Umru-Siddhpur to hoist and salute our National flag and sing the National anthem on the auspicious day of the Independence of our beloved country India. Fr. Xavier James hoisted the flag and then all proceeded to the programme hall for stage programmes. The children wore the costumes of different freedom fighters and leaders. They also spelled out slogans of the particular leader. The kids sang songs which amused everyone present. Jayeshbhai and Nareshbhai who are the well-wishers from Palanpur came to grace the occasions with their dignified presence. They also gave out gifts and token of appreciation to the kids. The parents were so glad and overwhelmed to see their children on the stage for the first time and performing different activities in an innovative manner. After the refreshments all left for their homes with a happy mood. Hats off to the teachers Ms. Jameela and Ms. Priya. (15/08/2016)

Parent-Teacher-Student Interaction

Last Parent-Teacher-Student Interaction of the first semester was held on 25th October 2016 at St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur. Children with gusto sang hymns and prayed after which Fr. Xavier James welcomed all the parents who were present. He gave the report and few instructions to the parents, the copy of the same was given to each parent. Thereafter each parent with child was called individually to see the work of the children and they were handed with the first semester books and progress report. After which Ms. Jameela and Ms. Priya thanked the parents and they left for their homes. (25/10/2016)

First Sports meet on the feast of St. Francis Xavier

On the 3rd December 2016 being the feast of St. Francis Xavier, the patron saint of St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur, the first sports meet was held in the school grounds. After the morning prayer and action song by children Ms. Priya welcomed all. The kids had their athletic events while the parents had their games which paved the way for all to participate and be active. Both the kids and parents had enjoyed. The winners were given their trophies which made them so excited. Fr. Xavier James thanked all the parents and encouraged the children. He also introduced Deacon Dominic Savio to the parents and also thanked Ms. Jameela and Ms. Priya for the arrangement. He appreciated Chandubhai Thakor for being so generous in helping the teachers. Thereafter Parent-Teacher-Student Interaction was held and then all participated in the festive lunch and left for their homes.  (03/12/2016)

Baby’s day out

On 22nd December 2016, the kids of St. Xavier’s school, Umru-Siddhpur along with Chanduji the security and Fr. Xavier James visited St. Paul’s School, Palanpur for the Annual Sports Meet and Christmas gathering of the School. All the five kids wore Santa’s cap and amused the other kids in that School premises. As Fr. Xavier James was the chief guest, our kids also were given prominent place on the ground. Our kids enjoyed the event and visited the crib in the School quadrangle. Everyone enjoyed a sumptuous festive lunch of Christmas at the hands of Veena madam, Chandersingh, Vinu and Sana Aunty. They were also given Christmas gifts, Chocolates and cakes. (22/12/2016)

Christmas day celebration at St. Xavier’s

On 25th December 2016, five kids along with their parents had gathered at St. Xavier’s school, Umru-Siddhpur for Christmas celebrations. Children and well wishers from Umru village and Siddhpur town added flavor to the celebration. The celebration began with Carols singing and Christmas message and the Santa came and gave away sweets and gifts to all, kids were overjoyed to see Santa. Kids along with their parents were happy to see the Church decoration, illuminations, stars, crib and Christmas tree. All who were present participated in the refreshments and left for their homes with joy. (26/12/2016)

Extracurricular activities at St. Xavier’s

After refreshing Christmas holidays, in the New Year the class room activities were in full swing. Along with them, we had few competitions and extracurricular activities. On 12th January 2017, the kids celebrated Fr. Xavier James’ birthday with much enthusiasm. There were Rhyme recitation and drawing competitions held on that day. Fr. Packiaraj from Ahmedabad and Fr. Prabu from Gandhinagar were the judges for the competitions. On 21st January 2017, the kids celebrated Muzamil’s birthday along with his father and few guests. On that day clay moulding competition was held and Fr. Appadurai from Nadiad was the judge and the kids would be given their prizes on the Republic day. During this month many guests visited our School and were overwhelmed with the progress of these tiny kids. All glory to God. (25/01/2017)

Republic day celebration at St. Xavier’s

On 26th January 2017, St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur celebrated 68th Republic day. The students came in their traditional costumes and were thrilled to see each other so unique and different. Mr. Balaji, one of the parents hoisted the National flag and after saluting all sang the National Anthem. Thereafter all proceeded to the hall for celebration and stage performance. It was a joy to see kids taking care of the programme with Hymns, prayer, welcome speech, action song, dance for patriotic song, proposing vote of thanks. The parents were indeed glad to witness the progress of the kids. The students were given prizes and gifts for various competitions held during the month. Fr. Xavier James appreciated the support of the parents, Ms. Priya and Chanduji. He gave each parent a copy of the report of the various activities in the School. All participated in the refreshment and left for their homes with greater joy. (26/01/2017)

Last day of the Academic year 2016-2017

On 13th April 2017, parents and students gathered together at St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur to get the progress of the children and all other materials. Students invoked the presence of God through Hymns and prayers. Thereafter Fr. Xavier James thanked each student and parent for their trust in educating their kids in the prestigious school. He gave the illustrations of the activities conducted throughout the year and positively encouraged the parents and students. Thereafter each parent and student came to get their progress card and study materials. The parents were overwhelmed with the progress of their kids. Afterwards all had joined in the refreshment and left for their homes. 

Inauguration and blessing of new class rooms at St. Xavier’s, Umru-Siddhpur

On 10th May 2017, His Grace Archbishop Thomas arrived at St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur to bless and inaugurate four new class rooms. Sizable parishioners from Siddhpur, Palanpur, Mehsana and Ahmedabad had gathered along with priests and nuns to pray for the institution. Prior to the blessing LKG student Jasmin Jaidipkumar Padhya welcomed the gathering in English. His Grace after blessing, presided over the solemn Eucharistic celebration. After the Holy Eucharist, Fr. Isidore who celebrates silver jubilee, Frs. Salvador and Xavier James who completed 10 years in their priestly ministry and other priests were honourd. Kanji Vanveer Suthar, Hiralal, the contractors were also honoured. Thereafter, everyone participated in the fellowship meal and left for their destination. All glory be to God. (10/05/2017)

Inauguration of Academics & World Environment Day at St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur

On 7th June 2017, St. Xavier’s School at Umru-Siddhpur had begun its new scholastic year 2017-18 with prayer by students, lighting of the lamp by parents and welcome speech by Ms. Priya Pinto. Thereafter Fr. Xavier James explained to the parents the motto of St. Xavier’s namely “knowledge, Character, Excellence”. He also encouraged the students and parents to care for creation on the 45th World Environment day, although it was two days before on 5th June. After that all the parents and students set out to the ground of St. Xavier’s and began planting saplings, each one was given specific plant with name plate which they will care for the whole year. Then all took part in refreshment. Fr. Dominic Savio thanked all present and they left for their homes. (07/06/2017)

World Yoga Day celebration at St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur

As Yoga gives physical and mental health to all who practice, World Yoga Day was observed at St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur on 21st June 2017. Frs. Dominic Savio & Xavier James taught the kids several Asanas. The kids enjoyed doing shavasana, pavanmuktasana, suryanamaskara etc… They were asked to do them at their homes for wellbeing. (21/6/17)

Archbishop Thomas’ visit

The kids of St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur were overwhelmed with the surprise visit of His Grace Archbishop Thomas on 18th July 2017. They welcomed him, shook hands with him and received his apostolic blessing. While interacting with them His Grace Archbishop began conversing in Gujarati and they refused to answer him fearing the big structure (Fr. Xavier James) standing near him. Then he questioned them in English and they all responded. His Grace Archbishop was overjoyed to listen to them. (18/07/2017) 

Talent Hunt & St. James’ feast

Every child is a genius and each one is given specific talents by God. Keeping this in mind St. Xavier’s school, Umru-Siddhpur had a Talent Hunt on the feast of St. James 25th July 2017. Every child came on the stage to exhibit his or her talent in front of others. It was a means to overcome their stage fear and improve their self confidence. Frs. Jeba & Prabu judged them. Fr. Jeba was welcomed by the students. Fr. Xavier James cut the cake and celebrated the feast of St. James which brought joy to the chocolate lovers, the kids. (25/07/2017)


On the 71st Independence Day of our country, St. Xavier’s School, Umru-Siddhpur kids came with white uniform for the celebration. Fr. Dominic Savio who celebrated his birthday on 15th August 2017 hoisted the National Flag. When all sang the national anthem and saluted the flag they also sang vande matharam. After that all proceeded for the stage performance with prayer, hymns and Independence Day speech by a UKG student. The kids came with different rhymes and performed their talents. Fr. Xavier James gave a speech and encouraged the students and parents. He also gave gifts to the kids. Fr. Dominic Savio spoke about Independence Day and gave away the prizes of different competitions held during the past months. It was a joy to listen to the kids when they gave welcome speech, Independence day speech and vote of thanks. The whole programme was managed by the students. Kudos to the kids and teachers. Thereafter, Parent-Teacher-Student Interaction took place. The parents were shown the progress of the kids. After that all participated in the refreshments and left for their homes.  (17/08/2017)